Rockin’ Jump Opening in San Carlos

August 4, 2012

Want to experience the joy of jumping off the walls, somersaulting high up in the air, and leaping into a pool of foam cubes? San Carlos’s new Trampoline Park offers extreme fun and a great work out for jumpers of all ages, featuring trampoline dodgeball, basketball, special jump arenas, ROCKIN’ Birthdays, and even a gourmet Café. So come out for some big air and big laughs. Currently taking Birthday Reservations starting in August 18th, 2012. Ribbon cutting on August 9th at 5:30p.m..

Check out their website for more information and for taking reservations.

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Burton Park Hometown Days

May 19, 2012


Check out this video at Burton Park’s Hometown Days. Kids having fun bungie jumping. Today the bands were playing and I must say that ALL of them were great! Come back on Sunday for more entertainment and food.

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Movie Night In Belmont

August 26, 2011

Horton Hears a Who!

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It looks like the city of Belmont and the Belmont Library will host the annual “Movie Night in the Park” event on Friday night at the Twin Pines Park meadow. With San Carlos doing the movie on Friday evening, it looks like we will have a choice of movie places to go and attend.

This year’s movie features “Horton Hears a Who!” and will start at dusk — approximately 7:45 p.m.


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San Carlos & Belmont Mother’s Club

January 31, 2011

The San Carlos/Belmont Mothers’ Club was founded in 1990 and our mission continues to be “Mothers Helping Mothers.” The purpose of our Club is to provide support, education and friendship to fellow moms. Developing a network of other mothers going through the same life experiences enables us to share our feelings and ideas in hopes of gaining more confidence and a better understanding of our roles as mothers.

Our club is primarily geared for mothers of children from 0-5 years of age. Many expecting mothers join as well. The mothers’ club is a great place to connect with other moms and to find resources, referrals and get involved. We are very active in our communities and donate one third of our dues collected to local charities that support mothers and children.

We usually meet on the third Thursday of each month from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the Twin Pines Senior and Community Center, 20 Twin Pines Lane in Belmont. Meeting topics vary, but include guest speakers and social events. You can drop in on one meeting to check it out before joining. Dads and kids are always welcome at our general meetings.

In addition to an active online community we have a variety of activities and sub groups that our members enjoy.

  • playgroups
  • babysitting co-op
  • in-a-pinch meal service
  • volunteer opportunities
  • family events
  • children’s outing
  • camping trips

We also send a monthly newsletter to all of our members. The newsletter includes a calendar of events, tips and interesting articles as well as general information about the club. We offer advertising for local businesses in the newsletter. For more information about advertising, contact us at or download more information.

Dues are $40 per year or $70 if you sign up for 2 years at-a-time. We have a rolling membership roster.

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Music Man at Central Middle School

January 16, 2011


The Music Man Junior

presented by SCCT
in coordination with

Central Middle School
Charter Learning Center
Tierra Linda Middle School

January 19-23

Wednesday – Saturday at 7 PM
Saturday and Sunday matinee at 1 PM

Central Middle School, Mustang Hall
828 Chestnut Street, San Carlos

For tickets click on: TICKETS

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Seven steps for making your New Year’s resolutions stick

January 3, 2011

Welcome into 2011! For those that have made New Year‘s resolutions, here is a little help to make them stick. Maybe you plan to ring in 2011 with a new resolve to quit smoking, lose weight, exercise more, not sweat the small stuff. And maybe these resolutions sound familiar — maybe just like the ones you made a year ago!

So how can you ensure that your determination to get healthier in 2011 sticks around past Valentine’s Day?  By creating new habits.

Creating new habits takes time and energy. A new behavior won’t become automatic overnight, but you may enjoy some of its benefits fairly quickly. Also, as you start to take walks regularly or engage in stress-soothing practices frequently, you’ll find you won’t feel quite right if you stop. That’s a great incentive to continue. So, keep nudging yourself in the direction you’d like to go. And try the following seven tips to help you create long-lasting change.

1. Dream big. Audacious goals are compelling. Want to compete in a marathon or triathlon? Lose 50 pounds or just enough to fit into clothes you once loved? With perseverance, encouragement, and support, you can do it. An ambitious aim often inspires others around you. Many will cheer you on. Some will be happy to help in practical ways, such as by training with you or taking on tasks you normally handle in order to free up your time.

2. Break big dreams into small-enough steps. Now think tiny. Small steps move you forward to your ultimate goal. Look for surefire bets. Just getting to first base can build your confidence to tackle — and succeed at — more difficult tasks. Don’t disdain easy choices. If you start every plan with “Make list,” you’re guaranteed to check one box off quickly. That’s no joke: a study on loyalty programs that aim to motivate consumers found giving people two free punches on a frequent-buyer card encouraged repeat business. So break hard jobs down into smaller line items, and enjoy breezing through the easy tasks first.

3. Understand why you shouldn’t make a change. That’s right. Until you grasp why you’re sticking like a burr to old habits and routines, it may be hard to muster enough energy and will to take a hard left toward change. Unhealthy behaviors like overeating and smoking have immediate, pleasurable payoffs as well as costs. So when you’re considering a change, take time to think it through. You boost your chance of success when the balance of pluses and minuses tips enough to make adopting a new behavior more attractive than standing in place. Engaging in enjoyable aspects of an unhealthy behavior, without the behavior itself, helps too. For example, if you enjoy taking a break while having a smoke, take the break and enjoy it, but find healthier ways to do so. Otherwise, you’re working against a headwind and are less likely to experience lasting success.

4. Commit yourself. Make yourself accountable through a written or verbal promise to people you don’t want to let down. That will encourage you to slog through tough spots. One intrepid soul created a Facebook page devoted to her goals for weight loss. You can make a less public promise to your partner or child, a teacher, doctor, boss, or friends. Want more support? Post your promise on Facebook, tweet it to your followers, or seek out folks with like-minded goals online.

5. Give yourself a medal. Don’t wait to call yourself a winner until you’ve pounded through the last mile of your big dream marathon or lost every unwanted ounce. Health changes are often incremental. Encourage yourself to keep at it by pausing to acknowledge success as you tick off small and big steps en route to a goal. Blast your favorite tune each time you reach 5,000 steps. Get a pat on the back from your coach or spouse. Ask family and friends to cheer you on. Look for an online support group. Or download the “Attaboy” app for your iPhone or iPod to enjoy a stream of compliments whenever you need to hear it.

6. Learn from the past. Any time you fail to make a change, consider it a step toward your goal. Why? Because each sincere attempt represents a lesson learned. When you hit a snag, take a moment to think about what did and didn’t work. Maybe you took on too big a challenge? If so, scale back to a less ambitious challenge, or break the big one into tinier steps. If nailing down 30 consecutive minutes to exercise never seems to work on busy days, break that down by aiming for three 10-minute walks — one before work, one during lunch, one after work — or a 20-minute walk at lunch plus a 10-minute mix of marching, stair climbing, and jumping rope or similar activities slipped into your TV schedule.

7. Give thanks for what you do. Forget perfection. Set your sights on finishing that marathon, not on running it. If you compete to complete, you’ll be a winner even if you wind up walking as much as you run. With exercise — and so many other goals we set — you’ll benefit even when doing less than you’d like to do. Any activity is always better than none. If your goal for Tuesday is a 30-minute workout at the gym, but you only squeeze in 10 minutes, feel grateful for that. It’s enough. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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Tracking Santa Claus

December 24, 2010

Christmas issue of NOAA's Weather Bureau Topic...
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Secret Santa: NORAD Mum On How It Tracks St. Nick

Check out this link for tracking Santa Claus throughout the world with Norad.

Phone: 877-HI NORAD


Twitter: noradsanta



Trooptube: Phone: 877-HI NORAD

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San Carlos Social Media Skills…

February 17, 2010

Twitter HQ is on the 4th floor of this not ver...
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This will be a great session for those of us who want more info. on social media….Wednesday, February 24th, 8:30 am to 9:30 am
San Carlos Library, 2nd Floor Community Rooms, 610 Elm Street

In this one-hour session, Melanie Yunk of Yunk Consulting and Kriselle Laran of Bullfrog Media will demonstrate the creation of profiles on Facebook and Twitter along with tips, tricks & tools to make joining the conversation simple, easy & fun. Also discover how apps like Foursquare can help your business establish a social presence in the mobile world.

The first workshop is not a prerequisite, but a documented social media strategy will assist in the creation of profiles. Those who attended the first workshop should work on their strategies before this session.


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Facebook for Oldies but Goodies!

February 20, 2009

I was in the waiting room with my Mom for a doctor’s visit. Those of you that don’t know, she actually fractured her face, broke her nose, her wrists are broken. She fell outside of Trader Joe’s in San Carlos. The “car stoppers” at the disability spaces and  here I was getting her out of Michigan so she wouldn’t fall and hurt herself. Go figure! It was evening and they are painted black like the parking lot color. With all the doctor’s visits that she has, I have been doing a lot of magazine reading.  Today, I found the current issue of TIME for February 23, 2009 and it had an awesome article about Facebook and us Oldies. (Referring to myself, of course) I had to ask the receptionist to make a copy for me. It was just so true. My teenage daughter thinks I should never be on it and we have had the same conversations as this article.  I won’t tell you what else she said. Check it out. If anyone wants a copy of the article, I would be happy to send you on.

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