San Francisco Peninsula Update on the Housing Market

February 11, 2013

40verbaleelane-hillsboroughOn the San Francisco Peninsula there are 14 active and 16 pending sales in Burlingame. Low inventory continues to be a problem everywhere. It is amazing how agents keep coming up with properties to sell to their waiting “pent up” buyers. Our Burlingame office just had 50 offers on a pair of fixer properties in San Mateo, which sold all cash substantially over asking price. There is little new inventory coming on in Hillsborough, however the high end is starting to show movement with four properties over $10 million and two over $5 million now in escrow. This is very encouraging to see high-end buyers actively in the market. Our Palo Alto manager says the inventory is even scarcer (if possible) than last year – while the demand is higher. Lack of inventory is the biggest concern for agents and clients in the Redwood City-San Carlos area. Agents are working in a wider area in order to find properties for their buyers. In San Mateo, our manager sees a slight increase in listings. Homes that are off-market coming back on the MLS in the Woodside and Portola Valley area. Sales have picked up over the past two weeks. Everyone has lots of buyers – not too many sellers yet.

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Celebrity Historical Homes For Sale

January 6, 2013

Al Capone's house in Varadero

Al Capone’s house in Varadero (Photo credit: Dani Figueiredo)


Al Capone's house in Varadero

Al Capone’s house in Varadero (Photo credit: Dani Figueiredo)

Happy New Year Everyone!

Please enjoy our new Celebrity Homes that are Historical that are on the Market. Check out Regan, Al Capone, and Virsace…

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Spectacular Home

December 28, 2012

Check out Larry Hagman’s home for sale in Ojai! It is even narrated by himself. A spectacular home.

World’s Most Expensive Home

November 25, 2012

English: Panorama of the beachfront of Nice, F...

English: Panorama of the beachfront of Nice, France. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Check out this video on the world’s most expensive home which is located in Nice, France.

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Olivia Wilde Lists Home for Sale, Buys in New York

November 10, 2012

Some people move cross-country for jobs.

Others move cross-country for love.

Actress Olivia Wilde recently picked up a new place in New York, listing her home in Los Angeles for sale.

She readily admits she moved for her boyfriend, actor Jason Sudeikis. In a recent interview with USA Today, the “House” actress said she’s been spending time “decorating our new apartment. That’s a lot of what I do.”

Wilde’s Los Feliz place, pictured in the gallery, was formerly listed as a rental for $9,500 a month, but apparently the relationship is serious enough that she’s ready to dump her West Coast digs. She bought the home in March 2011 for $2.295 million, according to property listings. The home is listed for $2.495 million.

Located at 2510 Chislehurst Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90027, Wilde’s home is a classic 1929 Spanish-style villa with original architectural details such as Malibu tile, wood floors, stained glass and iron work. Measuring 3.284 square feet, the home has 4 beds, 3 baths, a library and media/screening room. The private property also includes video surveillance.

Wilde’s new place in New York is a tad smaller. The 2-bed, 2.5-bath apartment is just 1,950 square feet. Good thing Wilde is a native New Yorker and likely used to the high prices for smaller spaces in the Big Apple. According to property records, Wilde closed on the Manhattan apartment for $3.225 million. The loft has enormous windows, hardwood floors and open spaces perfect for entertaining.


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Historical Home for the Future, Michael Jackson’s Home Sells….

November 5, 2012

Michael Jackson ‘s last home is off the market.

The Holmby Hills mansion where the King of Pop died tragically in June 2009 has finally sold for $18.1 million, according to the Wall Street Journal .

That figure is well below the $29 million the house’s owners, Hubert Guez, head of Ed Hardy apparel, and his wife Roxanne had originally been asking for when they put the estate on the market back in 2010.

Michael Jackson’s death house: ready for the grand tour

Mauricio Umansky, the listing agent representing both parties in the transaction (and hubby of The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsKyle Richards), could not be reached for comment on the sale. Nor was the buyer’s identity disclosed.

But sources told the paper that the chateu-style property was purchased by Steven Mayer, a senior managing director of private investment firm Cerberus Capital Management.

Nestled in the posh Holmby Hills neighborhood of Beverly Hills, the 17,000-square-foot residence sports seven bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, and 12 working fireplaces. The 1.3-acre abode also boasts a wine cellar, theater, tasting room, spa with a gym, guest house, along with a pool and gardens.

More pics of Michael Jackson’s death house

A photo of an entrance courtyard of a luxury h...

A photo of an entrance courtyard of a luxury home in Beverly Hills (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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World’s Narrowist House

October 24, 2012

The world’s narrowist home in Poland. Well, even if that makes sense, still check it out. Talk about real estate.

The thinnest house in the world is being built between two tower blocks in Warsaw. The house will measure 120cm at its widest point and 71cm at its narrowest. The building has been designed by Jakub Szczesny, who took his inspiration from the work of Israeli writer Etgar Keret.

‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ House Was Truly Scary Before Rehab

October 21, 2012

 A little history before Halloween!!!

Angie Hill bought the “Nightmare on Elm Street” home in 2006, even though it was not really on Elm Street. This was the house the Freedy Krueger haunted as a real nightmare on “Nightmare on Elm Street”.

Angie Hill lives in one of the most legendary horror homes in movies: the house with the scariest basement in America, where Nancy Thompson faced the sharp-fingered Krueger in the original 1984 slasher flick “A Nightmare on Elm Street.” (Of course, the real home used for filming is in Los Angeles, not the fictional Springwood, OH, and it’s on North Genesee Avenue, not Elm Street.)

It was a delightful suburban cottage when it appeared in the film, but when Angie snatched it up 22 years later, it looked like something out of a scary movie. Neglected by the previous family who owned it, the house was falling apart.

“It was horrible,” Angie said. “It was the only house on the street that looked beaten up. …The pool looked like it hadn’t been touched in 10 years — it was black.

Paint was chipping, and cracks were showing all over the home’s exterior, and the concrete patio in the backyard was breaking apart.

“It had the weirdest vibe,” Angie said. “You could feel the weird energy. There was a really oppressive odor.”

Angie bought the place anyway with the intention of completely renovating it. First, she burned sage to clear the energy in the house, she said. Then, she took apart 90 percent of the entire home — walls, ceilings, the roof — and replaced them. “I ripped off half the house.”

Only a portion of the exterior shell of the house remained intact while she gut-renovated every room. The work was so extensive that it took nearly a year to complete before she could officially move in. But it was all worth it: “I love my house,” Angie said.

The front exterior of the house still looks mostly the same as it did in “Elm Street,” save for a new, striking red door. Cult followers of the classic horror film still recognize it today.

“People stop and take pictures, and there’s a tour bus that goes by three times a day,” Angie said. “Sometimes people come to the door and say stupid things like, ‘Do you know what house this is?’ ”

But, she admits, the home’s fictional history of horror still has a very real effect on her.

“I used to be afraid to go in the basement,” she said.

Hollywood Homes from TV Shows By Decade

September 26, 2012

From its magical debut in 1950s households to today’s 3-D, Internet-connected and thin-screened versions, television has firmly planted itself into American culture and daily life. We all have favorite shows — the ones we currently DVR and the ones that went off the air nearly 50 years ago.

As fall gets under way and new programs are added to the evening lineup, we’re paying homage to television shows, old and new, with a real estate tour. While many shows, especially in the early days, were never shot outside the studio set, a good handful of them took place in real homes and still look exactly as they did on the small screen.


“The Beverly Hillbillies”
750 Bel Air Road, Los Angeles CA (below)

“The Beverly Hillbillies” was one of the first shows that took place inside a home with a physical address, rather than in a studio. This enormous 21,523-square-foot estate hosted the series throughout its nine-year run. The 10-bed, 12-bath home was built in 1933.


380 S San Rafael Ave, Pasadena CA (below)

Holy house, Batman! The 1960s TV series featured a property in Pasadena as Wayne Manor. The 1928 home has 10 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and measures 16,599 square feet — not including the bat cave, of course.


“Happy Days”
565 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles CA (below)

Although “Happy Days” took place in Milwaukee, like most TV shows, it was actually filmed in Los Angeles. The white columned house that played home for the Cunninghams was built in 1923 and has 6 bedrooms, 2 baths and measures 3,904 square feet.

“The Brady Bunch
11222 Dilling St, North Hollywood CA (below)

The mid-century home that hosted the blended Brady clan looks unchanged from its days on the small screen. Built in 1959, the North Hollywood home would be rather small for the Brady family of eight, which is why interior scenes of the show were shot on a studio set.


3700 Hogge Dr, Allen TX (below)

The sprawling Southfork Ranch just outside Plano was the home for J.R. Ewing and his squabbling family for during the original run of TV’s “Dallas” (the show was recently rebooted by TNT). The home is currently an event center with a special area dedicated to the show, complete with “Dallas” memorabilia, although many of the show’s interior scenes were shot at a studio.

“The Golden Girls”
245 N Saltair Ave, Los Angeles CA (below)

“The Golden Girls” characters were living in retiree-friendly Miami on the show, but the home used for the exterior was in Los Angeles. The classic 1955 home has 4 bedrooms and measures 2,901 square feet.


“Beverly Hills 90210″
1675 E Altadena Dr, Altadena CA (below)

The “90210″ house is not actually located in the fabled ZIP code but 23 miles northeast in the town of Altadena. The 4-bed, 4-bath house played the home of twins Brandon and Brenda Walsh, and unlike many other TV homes had scenes filmed in the interior of the house, rather than on a studio set.

1329 Carroll Ave, Los Angeles CA (below)

Peaked roofs, gingerbread trim and other Victorian details made this Los Angeles-area home perfect for three beautiful witches in the TV show

 “Charmed.” The 5-bedroom, 1-bath home was built in 1903.

2000 – present

“The O.C.
6205 Ocean Breeze, Malibu CA (below)

Newport Beach of “The O.C.” isn’t a far cry from Malibu where the TV mansion was located. The stately 6,376-square-foot house was home base for the Cohen family and Ryan Atwood, the troubled teen they took in.

“Grey’s Anatomy”
303 W Comstack St, Seattle WA (below)

While there’s no such thing as Seattle Grace Hospital, the house from the hit medical series is real and located in Seattle‘s Queen Anne neighborhood. The turn-of-the-century charmer has 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and a view of the Space Needle.

“Mad Men”
675 Arden Rd, Pasadena CA (below)

The Los Angeles area is a decent fit for 1960s New York City on AMC’s drama “Mad Men.” The first home of Betty and Don Draper, fictionally set in Ossining, NY, is actually located in Pasadena on a quiet tree-lined street. The traditional 4-bed, 3-bath home measures 2,654 square feet.

“Modern Family”
ABC’s “Modern Family” focuses on the antics of an extended family and features three homes in the Los Angeles area.

10336 Dunleer Dr, Los Angeles CA (below)
Phil and Claire Dunphy live in this traditional 4-bed, 5-bath family home with their three kids.

121 S Cliffwood Ave, Los Angeles CA (below)
Jay, the patriarch of the Dunphy family, and his wife, Gloria, live in this modern home a little over 7 miles from Phil and Claire.

2211 Fox Hills Dr, Los Angeles CA (below)
Cameron and Mitchell share this Spanish-style home with their adopted daughter. Built in 1929, the Century City home has 4 bedrooms and 2 baths.

Marketing $35,000,000 home

August 17, 2012

When seeking buyers for a $35 million luxury mansion, you might need to get creative. That was the thought of DeeAnna Staats, owner of Carbon Mesa Estate in Malibu, California, and president/CEO of Staats & Co.A 6-acre estate above California’s “Billionaire’s Beach” is for sale.

The property is featured it in a plot-driven sales movie filmed in and around the house. Rather than simply listing the 6-acre, $35 million Malibu estate for sale, the owner Dee Anna Staats commissioned a 3-minute action film in and around her home. She then created a custom app that allows the user to “visit” Malibu and explore every room in the house – all in a choice of ten languages.

The property, called “Carbon Mesa,” is a 9,500 square foot mansion that offers 180-degree views from every room. It features 4,500 square feet of outdoor patio space, two kitchens, six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a movie theatre and a wine cellar that can hold more than 800 bottles. “Carbon Mesa is a unique and very emotional house and I wanted to present it to buyers in a creative way that would give them a real sense of the place and what it would be like to own it,” explains Staats. Great marketing….

Here is the CNBC video and link to view the movie.


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